About Us
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San-Shen Agricultural Machinery Science and Technology Co. Ltd
Our company will uphold our values of leading brand, focus on staff training, product development, and promote cooperation and industrialization, in coordination with governmental, industrial, and academic institutions to drive us to improve our leading trend. It provides the global synchronization of technology, and to create the world-class quality. Nowadays few of Taiwan agricultural industry could develop strategies like us. For our company, the development of each product is very important. We are the most technologically advanced company, and that improve the international competitiveness of our products, and thus we can provide our customers with a complete service..
R&D Cooperation organization
  • Agricultural Machinery research center:
    The industry-university cooperation enables the company to make considerable improvements in administration and coordination
    Research and reports in fields of grain drying and cereals products
  • NIU:
    Cooperate with all kinds of field experimental testing in order to obtain relevant information for further product analysis.
Advancing and well-integrated using of technology resources through continuing in collaboration with industry, academic, and government will improve our technological level more systematically. During the design and experimental processes, we have been devoted to the cultivation of design talents, and the expansion of researchers’ working ability.
R&D Cooperation Reports
  • Non-destructive moisture meter: Joint research and development collaboration with Agricultural research and development center. Testing Entrustment by NIU and NCHU.
  • Working closely with NIU and NTU in researching on Biomass furnace for grain dryer
  • Near infrared rice tastes and ingredients detector:Cooperated with Center for Measurement Standards and Agricultural Research and Development Center. Testing Entrustment by NIU Laboratory and NCHU.