FAR series (6-12 Tons)
  • Features fo the dryer
  • 1. Penetrating drying method which dry the surface and inlet part simultaneously
  • 2. With unique air-flow control system of cold and hot air which will reduce fuel consumption and time saving on drying.
  • 3. The auto dust cleaning system which ensure the air ventilation and reduce chance on fire
  • 4. Patent with dust removal winnowing system which will keep crops drying at all time.
  • 5. Patent with durable dustless exhaust fan blade design.
  • 6. The unique linear non-constructive moisture meter design which and be used on measuring variety of crops.
  • 7. Auto high pressure ignition system comes with adjustable temperature controller.
Holding capacity/batchPaddy (MT)(580KG/M³)8.511.314.3
BurnerModelGun Type/Twin Nozzles
Ignition TypeHigh Pressure Auto Electronic Ignition
Oil Consumption6~18Litres/hr
FuelDiesel or Kerosence
Performance (NOTE)Loading time (Min.)Paddy354656
Discharging time (Min.)304050
Drying rate, %/Hr.Paddy0.6~1.2%
Power consumptionVoltage (V)220V/380V/440V, 50/60Hz, (3 Phases)
Power requirement  (Kw)Bucket elevator & Upper screw conveyer1.5 (2HP)
Lower screw conveyer0.75 (1HP)
Rotary Valve0.18 (1/4HP)
Blower0.75 (1HP)
Ventilation fan4.2 (5.5HP)
Total power consumption7.38 (9.75HP)
Heated air sourceDiesel burnerLT-20W
Gas burnerGOM-1NT
Safety devicesAir flow sensor
thermal relay
full-load sensor
Grain temperature alarm
Fail-safe alarm
Standard equipmentOn-line moisture meter
1. Paddy loading/discharging time may vary according to the difference among material condition such as moisture content, foreign objects and paddy quality.
2. Drying rate per hour (drying speed) may vary according to material condition (paddy moisture content, foreign objects, paddy quality), ambient air condition (ambient air temperature, air relative humidity and operation condition (operation settings, layout of installation).