F series (50-130Tons)
  • Features
  • Engergy Saving- every 3 kilograms of chaff is equivalent to 1.3 L of diesel energy. By use of chaff as heat source can decrease massive running expense of dryer.
  • Environmental Friendly-Chaff is one of agricultural residue which is not easy decompose under natural environment. The chaff ash can use as compost.
  • Cost Effective Solution-The best investment during high fuel price period, The average drying of 100 tons of corps will saving around 1600 to 2000 liters of diesel fuel per batch,.
Holding capacity/batch(Paddy (MT) (580 Kg/M³)95124
Wheat (MT) (680 Kg/M3)100130
 Loading time (Min.)Paddy8563
 Discharging time (Min.)7554
Performance (NOTE)Loading time (Min.)Wheat8563
Discharging time (Min.)7554
Drying rate, %/Hr.)Paddy原料水份 32%~14%, 0.8~1.2
Wheat原料水份 30%~14%, 1.0~1.4
Power consumptionVoltage (V)220V/380V/440V, 50/60Hz, (3 Phases)
Power requirement  (Kw)Bucket elevator15 (20HP)
Upper screw conveyer3.75 (5HP)
Lower screw conveyer3.75 (5HP)
Rotary valves0.75 (1HP)
Blower1.5 (2HP)
Ventilation fan45/56.3 (60/75HP)(60hz/50hz)45/56.3 (60/75HP)(60hz/50hz)
Total power consumption69.75/81.05 (93/108HP)69.75/81.05 (93/108HP)
Safety devicesAir flow sensor
thermal relay
RPM sensors
full-load sensor
burner ignition fail detection
Emgergency stop button
Burner auto shutdown against all mechanical failure
Standard equipmentOn-line moisture meter
Touch screen control panel
Feeding hopper, auto-close shutter against material full loaded
1. Paddy loading/discharging time may vary according to the difference among material condition such as moisture content, foreign objects and paddy quality.
2. Drying rate per hour (drying speed) may vary according to material condition (paddy moisture content, foreign objects, paddy quality), ambient air condition (ambient air temperature, air relative humidity and operation condition (operation settings, layout of installation).