Project Planning
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Burner Solutions

Grain drying center layout setup with burner (150 Tons drying capacity/daily)



1.Fuel tank, 2.Air compressor, 3.Wet paddy dumping pit, 4.Bucket elevator for paddy cleaner loading,

5.Paddy cleaner, 6.Bucket elevator for wet paddy storage tank loading, 7.Wet paddy storage tank,

8.Bucket elevator for grain dryer loading, 9.Chain conveyor for grain dryer loading, 10.Grain dryer,

11.Bucket elevator for dried paddy storage tank loading, 12.Chain conveyor for dried paddy storage tank loading

13.Dried paddy storage tank, 14.Weight scale, 150.Dust collecting room

The drawing above are for illustration purpose only and all specs are subjects to change withour prior notice